Dear Dirk,

Here it is.

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Sujet : Re: Spangler 1988

Hi All,

Does anyone have a pdf of this?

Antonio Arillo* & Vicente M. Ortuño (2008)  Did dinosaurs have any relation with dung-beetles? (The origin of coprophagy). Journal of Natural History 42, Issue 19-20: p. 1405-1408.

Thanks in advance,


On 14 Jun 2013, at 17:22, Cole Gilbert wrote:

HI Clarke,
There are also scarabs that have a tympanic ear, as described by my colleagues in the attached pdf. It includes the reference to Paul Spangler’s paper on cicindelids.
Cole Gilbert
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Subject: Spangler 1988
Dear Colleagues,
I am looking for a reference by Paul Spangler in which he stated that tiger beetles are one of few beetle groups with a hearing tympanum.
I have no idea what the title of the paper was, or where it was published, but if anyone can help me locate it (or send me a copy!), I’d be most grateful.
Best wishes,
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