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> I might agree, if the golftube/siloflex arrows could be shot accurately or
> for any distance. They're distinctly inferior on both these counts to the
> "thin shafted" archery practiced in most other kingdoms, from what I've seen
> and heard.  Their much bigger size, limiting how many can be carried with
> you, is another disadvantage of the golf-tube arrows, IMHO.

 Yes, the thin shafted arrows go further and in the right hands might
be more accurate, sometimes.

> From what I've seen the golf tube/siloflex arrows seem to be something
> invented by the armored foot soldiers to limit the effectiveness of archery
> on the SCA combat field.

 No, they were designed so they wouldn't blind people that got hit
with them (on the pointy end) or break and stab people (or blind them,
ask us how we know that can happen). There is NO NEED for marshals and
spectators to wear those stupid sport goggles that break immersion so
horribly either so that's a major bonus in my book.

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