I may try to make some to send, but I'd rather someone who knew Pavel do a

On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 8:38 PM, Ingeborg Ulfsdottyr
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> Everyone who has sock puppets done, please send your puppet to Pennsic
> with whoever is going, and have it delivered to Dolan.  Or you could send
> it to him directly at Coronation.  Thanks!
> We've probably got between eighteen and two dozen puppets finished that I
> know of.  I'm going to try to finish another dozen with Mag Mor, and if
> anyone else wants to make some more too, that'd be great.  The goal is to
> have one for everybody on the Muster List, if possible.  (Probably not
> possible to get 41, but worth a try.)
> Arthur, since you're clever with materials, are you willing to make the
> Pavel puppet?  I was thinking a sock puppet with fake broccoli...
> -Ingeborg


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