I'm sorry for the crass commercial post, especially if you're seeing this
on more than one list.

I really want to go to Pennsic this year, but I can't afford it unless I
sell some garb between now and then. I've been making linen men's tunics
over the past 2 weeks. I've sold some of them, but I need to sell a few
more in order to fund my war.
I use basic geometric construction with side gores and underarm gussets.
All seams are machine sewn and flat-felled. The neckline is round and
finished with commercial bias tape. The size is "SCA Large" (torso of 52",
length of 45") unless otherwise specified. Cost per tunic is $75.

The color choices are: dark green (2), medium blue (2), bright red (1),
gold/ochre (3), black (1), aqua marine (1), and light olive (2). Not
picture: Calontir purple (1).

You can see the fabric color choices here if we are friends on Facebook:
Otherwise, I'm happy to email you a picture.

Email me off-list any questions or to place an order. If you don't know my
work, I can provide you with references.