On 7/22/2013 3:28 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Oh, yes I guess. But that brings up my earlier question about whether
> the bacon was raw or not. Isn't prosciutto cured in some way and not
> just raw?

I don't know about the bacon - but I strongly suspect that if it was
bacon, it was cooked.

As for prosciutto, it fits in well with this discussion of preserving
of foods:

It is salted, pressed, rinsed and cured.

I wasn't joking about the "poor man's version", either.  Quality
prosciutto is 25-50 a pound, and I can't imagine what iberico

When I was at the fancy food show, at the end of the show one
of the vendors gave away a partially carved full leg of
prosciutto, stating that even as it was, the leg was worth
several hundred dollars.

The man carrying it looked intensely happy, as well he might be.

I freely admit that, while I keep to the most excruciatingly
narrow medical diet that eschews most foods, I let myself off
the chain for the first time in 20 years at the fancy food
show.  I tried not to be stupid, but I also tried not to be
stupid, you know?

Yes: I queued up for prosciutto.  Worth it.  So was the $50
a pound imported brie.  Etcetera...  Just one bite, though.