> I know nocino dates back to medieval times but haven't been
> able to find anything but clearly modern recipes. Does anybody have a
> medieval recipe or suggestions for a medieval varient? Wine and honey
> instead of sugar and vodka? There are wine vodka mix recipes. I'm
> thinking wine is period appropriate but I need to mix in vodka or
> everclear to avoid vinegar issues?

If you want to go more medieval rather than less, I'd suggest avoiding
everclear, which is a blatantly modern liquid. Wine-type nocino would
have a different taste (as I'm sure you know) than distilled-beverage
nocino, and since it's much lower in proof/alcohol, it might not work
as well, either, at getting at the walnutness, so to speak.

Back when I was doing such things, I tried a hazelnut-type liqueur with,
well, hazelnuts, a simple syrup, and vodka. I suspect I also tried
inexpensive brandy.

Avoid vinegar, definitely. Use distilled stuff (period, and tasty, and
vinegar-less); I suspect the wine-based stuff might taste better than
barley-based stuff (brandies rather than scotches, in other words).

....and I'd be fascinated to see what using a raspberry liqueur
(chambord and its kin) might wind up tasting like, with all that