Thank you!

Again, I'm looking for pickle juice that has electrolites.
Probably for veggies, though not necessarily only cucumbers.

My favorite appetizer EVER was pickled watermelon rind wrapped in bacon.

I'll peruse the files and see what I can find.


On Jul 20, 2013, at 11:22 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:

Well, are you thinking of pickled meats? pickled vegetables or just  
pickled cucumbers?

Today, when people think of "pickles", the latter is the only thing  
they think of. But the subject is really much bigger than that. And  
yes, when I joined the SCA, when I thought of "pickles", I thought of  
only the sliced ones put on hamburgers. :-)

Yes, there are medieval (or at least period) recipes for pickled  
cucumbers, but also for many other things.

Speaking of Pennsic, pickling items is one way to keep them safe  
through the heat of Pennsic.

Check these files in the Florilegium.
pickled-eggs-msg (16K) 5/21/13 Period pickled eggs. Recipes.

pickled-foods-msg (149K) 5/21/13 Medieval pickled food. recipes.

compost-msg (88K) 12/ 1/09 A pickled food of fruits and vegetables.

pickled-fish-msg (40K) 7/28/11 Pickled fish. Either by storing in  
vinegar or by the action of lactic acid.

pickled-meats-msg (60K) 3/20/08 Period pickled meats. Lord's Salt.  

sauerkraut-msg (46K) 6/27/13 Period sauerkraut and pickled cabbage.

And a few more files having to do with pickling, for those homebound  
during Pennsic. :-)
Vinegar-art (20K) 5/26/01 "What's so special about Vinegar?" by  
Mistress Christianna MacGrain.

Vinegar-NJFCC-art (18K) 10/23/01 "Vinegar: Not Just for Cleaning  
Coffeepots" by THL Mirin ben DhIarmait.

vinegar-msg (128K) 3/24/12 Vinegar in period. Making vinegar.

I hope you find these useful.


On Jul 20, 2013, at 10:29 AM, Nest ffynnon <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I realize that asking a question during Pennsic is possibly not the  
> best time, but since I know there are MANY Calontiri not attending  
> this year, I ask:
> Are there any medieval recipes for pickles?
> Considering how much pickle juice is consumed on the battlefield  
> and off, I'm thinking about making pickles for next summer.
> Nest

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