On 7/20/2013 11:29 AM, Nest ffynnon wrote:
> Are there any medieval recipes for pickles?

As you have seen, yes.

But for them, it was as much how to preserve foods as just
pickling: they used salt, acid, smoke, heat and other methods
to preserve food.

> Considering how much pickle juice is consumed on the battlefield and
> off, I'm thinking about making pickles for next summer.

Pickle brine is a side-effect of pickles - why not see if a local
restaurant or store which sells pickles would give you their
used brine for free?

My wife is a professional jam maker, but before she turned pro she
also made a variety of prize-winning pickles.  A local pickle-maker
joked with her that she should make a pickle-jam out of his
leftover brine.  He would have been happy to donate to her what
he considered a "waste product".