On 7/21/2013 2:09 AM, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Part of the question then becomes are the benefits of drinking
> "pickle juice"/brining solution just from the solution? Or is it two
> way street with some benefit derived from what is being soaked in
> it.

Some of each.

> Were you eating the pickled watermelon or just drinking the juice?
> Also, for that particular one, were you using raw, american-style
> bacon or something else?  I could see some danger, but if you can
> pickle various meats, I guess you can pickle American bacon slices.
> (I specify American, as opposed to Canadian, or other cuts that might
> have been meant in period documentation).

1. I believe that the recipe calls for pickling the watermelon rind,
and separately cooking the bacon.

2. I, for one, would not TOUCH brine that was used to preserve meat.
(Not because I am a reluctant vegetarian - but because of food
safety concerns.)