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> On 7/21/2013 12:56 AM, Nest ffynnon wrote:
>> Again, I'm looking for pickle juice that has electrolites.
>> Probably for veggies, though not necessarily only cucumbers.
> You could make a simple vinegar brine, perhaps, and not bother
> soaking anything in it. :-)

But from further discussion here, it sound like that would lack some things, since the brine apparently pulls various nutrients out of whatever is being pickled.

>> My favorite appetizer EVER was pickled watermelon rind wrapped in bacon.
> The poor man's "prosciutto e melone", I reckon.
> 	Tibor

Oh, yes I guess. But that brings up my earlier question about whether the bacon was raw or not. Isn't prosciutto cured in some way and not just raw?


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