My neighbor's tree is shedding its walnuts, tiny little things  
compared to harvests in the past.
Not sure if it is drought that is making it lose fruit (nuts) early.   
We had lots of rain this spring, but not much lately.

On Jul 9, 2013, at 10:39 PM, Ségnat ingen Fháeláin wrote:

I just pick them off walnut trees.  I don't know if you can buy  
them.   But
yes, they are talking about green walnuts before they have ripened.    
are really pretty easy to quarter up until a point and then if you can't
easily slice them you know they are too far gone for this year.    
Mine are
still able to be sliced up but it was a late growing season this year.

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I'm not sure when walnuts are ripe, but I think in the fall, not  
during this
time. So, to me this implies green walnuts. Also this recipe doesn't say
whether the nuts are peeled or not. The "To check for the right  
prick the walnut with a pin or cut it through the middle with a  
knife." also
implies that these are green walnuts. Ever tried to prick a ripe,  
walnut shell???