before you start to read this small book 2 things to note is none of this absolutely none of it would have been possible without bruce lapham and his lovely wife they gave me loaner garb and feasting gear and im truly gratful for this

the other thing to note is im doing this from my phone so sometimes it sneaks in a auto correct

so my first sca event (coronation) was amazing you guys were awesome really felt at home everyone was friendly and loved to explain things if i asked ( to the lady sitting next to me during evening court thank you!!) 

and yes i was mugged.. that is one of the scariest things ever but i took bruce ans his wifes word and went up i thank you guys truly for telling me to its something i shall not forget anytime

the fighting was amazing i have a whole new level of respect for you guys some of your helmets way a ton! and you were all very skiled and willing to talk to me about rules and everything (rowland i thank you for talking to me about your experiences and armor) and to half troll.. who truly lives up to his name he had a mountain of info for me :)

after the fighting and evening court  it was time for feast which was an amazing gathering the performances were amazing and the food was a delight i thank you Shandra for letting me serv it is very fun and you meet many people and to the beautiful ladies who served with me thank you  you made it all that much better it was very fun talking with you guys in between dishes and on cleanup  

my deepest congratulations to the newest king and queen 

and to all of the people who put up with me and answered my questions thank you again i truly cannot belive how friendly everyone was

and now unto the revel :) i thank the host whos name i have forgotten the cider was amazing and the songs loud and boisterous :)

also on that note special thanks go to the random lady whos name i have sadly forgotten who suggested i dont drive 3-4 hours after i had been up all day thank you 

and a special thanks to Giovanni you found me a crash spot last night thank you

another very special thanks goes out to nate and jessica thank you for letting me crash on your couch 

now at the end of this there is many more poeple to thank but sadly typing this up on my phone is not an easy task but still to those i missed THANK YOU