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> wow alot to reply to XD
> so what brought me to the sca was actually belegarth i used to be in a group out of princeton illinois about 8 years about and it slowly disintegrated as time went by we had 2 good years and then it just wasn't  possible for most of the full time members 

I'm sorry, but I don't recognize "belegarth".

> and the fighting and archery are the 2 bigs things that i would love to do but all aspects of the sca intrest me.. i would love to know how to forge my own gear and fletch my arrows etc. im gonna try and be as self sufficient as possible when it comes to my gear

You can in fact do combat archery, which involves both archery and armored combat, in most kingdoms. We also do target archery though out the SCA which includes using target arrows against actual targets both modern and period styles. How about using a crossbow? That is also allowed in many kingdoms.

You can often make most of your gear for fighting, although I drew the line at making the helm which was going on *my* head. :-) It can also take you longer to get on the field if you try to learn to make armor before learning how to use it.

Most SCA armor is bent and formed, not forged. But we do have people that make and run forges. Mostly for making blades and smithing camp implements and things. You can find files on this in the Florilegium CRAFTS section.

Even for most armor pieces you buy, legs, arms, helmets, you will find that you will have to pad them out and make your own straps yourself.
helm-padding-msg (29K) 8/28/10 Period and SCA helm padding and strapping.

rattan-msg (72K) 3/19/12 Working with rattan. Rattan sources.

You can also easily learn to make and fletch your own arrows. I have my own fletching jig and some supplies, but often I find others can do a better job at it, especially for arrows (quarrels, for crossbow) than I can myself. :-(
arch-shoots-msg (42K) 5/25/97 Different types of archery shoots.

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merch-archery-msg (25K) 5/23/10 Merchants selling archery equipment.

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