Yep. See this Florilegium file:
pickled-eggs-msg (16K) 5/21/13 Period pickled eggs. Recipes.

Eggs will also keep a surprisingly long time, simply in their shells. Longer if you keep them covered in the goop they are covered in right out of the hen. So fresh eggs will keep through Pennsic if you keep them in their shells and keep them cool.

The "fresh" eggs you buy in the grocery stores are often much older than you think. In fact, fresh hardboiled eggs are often harder to peel than ones that were older before boiling them.

egg-storage-msg (24K) 2/ 1/12 Period and modern raw egg storage.


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>> I don't know, exactly, except the resulting juice/pickling agent
>> should be full of electrolites and tasty to drink.
> Oh. Then what you want is brine and vinegar, primarily. Season to taste,
> steeping most any vegetable will add nutrients.
> My great grandfather used to take something he called "farmer's lunch" to
> the fields. I was very little, but I recall it was vinegar, salt, water,
> and an egg.
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