Last-minute change in script: the group that was to go before us fell through, so it'll just be us (and puppets), and we'll sing the entirety of "Cheer" which, appropriately enough, mentions Pavel.

(We'll be followed by Sans Nomen singing "Death, Doom, and Gloom," possibly with their own puppets.  If you want to stay to listen to this song, I think it would be funny if our sock puppets cheered uproariously at this.)

We're scheduled at 2:30 p.m. on Monday of War Week (the 29th).

If you're donating puppets, give them to Dolan.

Thirty-one puppets have confirmed reservations, and I'm not sure how many haven't, so that's at least about one puppet per every two people, according to the muster list.  The puppets will be handed out at camp before crossing the street to the Performing Arts tent.  Everyone, whether one gets a puppet or not, is invited to participate in singing "Cheer."  After the song, sock puppets will belong to their new handlers, unless the creator made specific other arrangements with you personally.

Have fun!