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Here are some files that I have in the Florilegium on medieval India.
India-lnks (14K) 7/ 1/07 Links to info on medieval India by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Moghul-India-msg (46K) 11/ 6/08 The culture and food of Moghul India.

fd-India-msg (20K) 3/ 5/11 Food of medieval India. Recipes.

If anyone has done research on medieval India, I would love to consider their articles, class handouts or A&S documentation for inclusion in the Florilegium. My standard policy is that the copyright remains with the author(s) and i will accept updates as you learn more or what to change something. Word or RTF formatted files are the easiest for me to handle but others are possible. I can handle diagrams and photographs if you have permission to use them.


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> Project India is a year long research project that consists of smaller projects all with the theme of India.
> For example, I have bought an instructional dvd on dancing in a style from India. I also am wanting to work on the Ramayama and/or the Mahabrata.
> I am working on researching food and speicific dishes of India.
> I also want to research and present information on the impact of India on Medieval Europe (the education of India is minimal)
> But most importantly I want to work WITH people on projects. I want do and help others with thier ideas and suggestions about India.
> For example, making an outfit for someone who really wants to present or teach dancing.  Chopp onions for somwone who wants to cook curry...I think you get it.
> Helena Panier

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