No, you don't have to worry.  My activity level has dropped so low that I don't feel the need to comment on too much of anything anymore, the last go-around pretty much finished the job 18 years in a row of officer service started.
Just to be honest, I am back mostly to discover what's current, and to crassly promote a few things on occasion (not political or cultural, just things.)
So I will start with this
Many of you know Mistress Lina, my wife, and are familiar with her decade-old quest to start her own brewery.  In the last month, some very important things have happened to help energize those efforts, including the overall Gold Medal in the gluten free dividion of the U.S. Open Beer Championship.  (, go to the bottom of the page)
With some new and very renewed interest in marketing the product brought about by the gold medal, we are hoping to slowly but surely build her brewery a piece at a time.  So we have re-opened the brewery website, and provided a link to how you can help Lina with this project.
We of course are asking for donations, no matter how great or small, but mostly we are asking for everyone who would like to help to get this message out on facebook pages, on other lists, to friends and family.  We want to make this a reality, and many of you know that Lina's beer is very much worth the support.
So thank you for your kind attention, and for putting up with me shamelessly promoting my wife's enterprise.  Your support is much appreciated.
(yes, Master Kazimierz Verkmastare, back but lurking)