For those who are considering entering Queen's Prize but who may not be sure who to get to sponsor them, here is an updated list of those willing to be sponsors:

Jaida de Leon
Maerwynn Holme
Mark Krejci
Caera Wyther (Nicole James)
Elynor of Glastonbury (Elizabeth Glueck Pratt)
(December Montecino)
Sethrun (Jeff Angus)
Ais (Kim Karr)
Ailith Bystoune

Sponsors who are now full and can't take any more entrants:

Sile O'Kyan

To all entrants,

Please feel free to use this list how ever makes it most comfortable for you to acquire a sponsor, even if it is just a resource to see who is available and wanting to be approached. 

Happy projecting!!!

Quiteria la Roja

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