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Kaz spoke truthfully when he said:

You can carry as many as you can be safe on the field carrying, and you can pick up from the field as you go.
However, be aware than gleaning of arrows is allowed for Calontir legal siloflex or golf-tube arrows only. If you participate in combat archery at a foreign war, and they are using thin shafted archery, then those arrows must be re-inspected before they can be used again.

One more reason our solution is a better one.

-- Logan --

I might agree, if the golftube/siloflex arrows could be shot accurately or for any distance. They're distinctly inferior on both these counts to the "thin shafted" archery practiced in most other kingdoms, from what I've seen and heard.  Their much bigger size, limiting how many can be carried with you, is another disadvantage of the golf-tube arrows, IMHO.

From what I've seen the golf tube/siloflex arrows seem to be something invented by the armored foot soldiers to limit the effectiveness of archery on the SCA combat field.

I think most of what I have in the ARCHERY section in the Florilegium is about the "thin shafted" archery. I would welcome some articles, including construction details, about these silo flex arrows. I leave regulations and such to the official sites, but I would welcome how-to articles, including how to use these particular arrows tactically or strategically to their best effect.


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