When Chidiock & I were traveling, we often treated our hosts to brunch on Sunday morning after the event. 

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A package of quality toilet paper is always appreciated. Food is good, know your recipient though. A carnivore with freezer space will adore you for bringing a pair of steaks. A vegan who is having to help store half the food for feast, will not. 

Upon one occasion I was looking forward so much to crashing with the owners dog that I found out their preferences and brought a bag of nice dog food. 


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I have always wondered what appropriate gifts are to give the people, sometimes whom you have never meet before, who generously share their homes. Any suggestions? 
Cecilia de Gatisbury 

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I just want to add a few words. People: If you ask for a ride to an event, either offer gas money, at least what it would cost to fill up the tank half-way. Pay for a meal, or at least be a pleasant traveling companion. 
Remember, maybe they were going anyway, but what would it have cost you for a bus ticket there? If they refuse the cash, do something nice for them at a later time. When your ride wants to leave, get ready to leave. Buy them lunch, or drive-through on the way home. If there is a crash space, bring a gift, or sing a song, or make yourself inconspicuous or helpful. Bring the things you are going to need, so your host/hostess does not have to scurry for them. Don't smoke in the house you are crashing in. Don't be a prima-donna, wanting special treatment, foods, or other things. Bring it yourself, if you need it. 

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For those to whom the concept of "crash space" might be new, even to those who may have been in the Society for years, but haven't been sure of this less and less used aspect of the SCA, take a look at this file in Stefan's Florilegium: 
crash-space-msg (28K) 1/13/11 'crash-space etiquette' for both the traveler and the crash-space provider. 

This is in the NEWCOMERS section, which I mentioned to you, Jeffery Vitale, in my first message to you. I'm glad that your first SCA event was a great time for you. Hopefully, this will lead to many more interesting times. You haven't mentioned whether it was the fighting or the feasting or something else that has interested you the most. No matter what it is, and there is still a lot for you to discover, I welcome you to take a look at the files in the Florilegium to see some of the things you can get involved in. 

A couple of other files on clothing in the NEWCOMERS section which might help you: 
clothing-4-nc-msg (12K) 11/28/10 Comments for newcomers on SCA clothing. 

Do-not-Wear-art (13K) 8/19/12 "SCA – What Not To Wear – Belts, Baldrics and Scarves, Oh My!" by Lord Ian the Green. 

Easy-T-Tunics-art (6K) 5/12/06 "Easy T-Tunics" by THL George Anne. 

Directions for making a simple T-tunic. 
in another kingdom, far, far away… or is it? 

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> Hi Jeffrey- 
> I'm so glad you had a good time and found a place to crash! I'm a big fan of making it home safely, and I hope we all remember to clue in new people about crash space as it is not part of the mundane world for the most part! 
> It was nice to meet you! :) 
> Derdriu (that random lady) 

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