Maegwynn Ferch Bleddyn is not, to my knowledge, on the Calon List. I am forwarding this message to her. :-)

-Lady Rosalie 

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> Gwendolyn
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>> Pypa Ravenild 
>> Catherine Annot de Bruges 
>> Tatiana Dieugarde 
>> Adaliz 	DeJesus 	 
>> Samuel 	Stringer 	 
>> Alessandra de Piro 
>> Aibrean Poirteir 
>> Rhodri ap Hywel 
>> Countess Iliya 
>> Murdoch Stiubhard 
>> Sir Lars Vilhjalmsson 
>> Jaeger Larsson 
>> Nasan CharGal 
>> Sheleigh MacLanagan 
>> dorcas whitecap 
>> Ruaidhri ua Ceallaigh 
>> Vels inn Viggladi 
>> Miriam von Schwarzwald 
>> Hugh Prescott 
>> Christoph Adler 
>> Xorazne Artsruni 
>> Magnus Anskegg 	
>> Saito 
>> Amira bint Timurhan 
>> Aingeal Mac an Ghabhann 
>> Mar 
>> Maegwyn verch Bleddyn 
>> Conrad Martin von Kassel 
>> Runa 
>> Sir Andrew Ward 
>> Cuilen Kirk 
>> Eadweard Boicewright 
>> Duncan Eardstapa 
>> Morwen Nantyronnen 
>> Eva Toth 
>> If you are on this list I do not have your arrival date for Pennsic.  If you sent it my apologies my email exploded.  If you didn't send it I need it please forward it to [log in to unmask]
>> When you arrive at Pennsic if I don't know the day you arrive I may be out of camp and that means you have to wait till I get back.  No one can set up there tent without speak to the Land Agent.  If you setup with out speaking to the Land Agent you may have to move  your tent if it's in a bad spot.  I stay in camp waiting for you to show up but if no one is due in I wander away.
>> Remember Troll is closed from Midnight to 6am if you arrive before then you sleep on the battle field.  Pennsic closes Saturday Noon.  If you arrive on land grab day you will not be allowed to on site or to set up your tent till Noon the first Saturday, till then you camp on the battlefield. 
>> If you have questions or concerns email me at [log in to unmask] call or text me at 636-352-3768 no calls or text before 10 am or after 10 pm unless it's an emergency.   If you text please include your name.
>> When you arrive at Pennsic no matter the time you get there find me or wake me.  That's what I am here for, That's my job!
>> In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
>> Mistress Bel
>> Pennsic Land Agent Calontir