So you had this fabulous idea and are trying to wrangle folks to help? Fabulous! Can't wait to see and hear more about it all!

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Project India is a year long research project that consists of smaller projects all with the theme of India.

For example, I have bought an instructional dvd on dancing in a style from India. I also am wanting to work on the Ramayama and/or the Mahabrata. 

I am working on researching food and speicific dishes of India.

I also want to research and present information on the impact of India on Medieval Europe (the education of India is minimal) 

But most importantly I want to work WITH people on projects. I want do and help others with thier ideas and suggestions about India.

For example, making an outfit for someone who really wants to present or teach dancing.  Chopp onions for somwone who wants to cook curry...I think you get it.

Helena Panier

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For those of us that do not know, what is Project India?

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Looking for people who are interested in Project India.

Its really important that I get responses. Please. 

Helena Panier

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