An event is coming up in Deodar.  September.  Look it up, and go.  It will be great.  We are too far south for you, probably, but the Shire of Flinthyll has members in the Quad Cities.
Brighid O'Mahuna

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 10:08 PM, Tace of Foxele <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi, Jeffrey.

My husband Alfgeirr and I used to live in Dubuque--we had a contact group (Riverwatch) there several years ago but it didn't work out. The group disbanded in 2005. We moved away last December and now live in the Kansas City area. If you want to play in Calontir, Deodar is the closest shire and they're good people. The Barony of Jararvellir (Madison, WI) is also close if you want to visit/go to events, but as it is Kingdom of Northshield, the culture there is different.  We preferred to play in Calontir.

There are still some people from the old Riverwatch group living in Dubuque, but as far as I know, the ones who still participate in SCA play in Northshield and none of them were fighters.

You can play with whatever group you want.  It takes some time and practice to learn fighting. You could always practice and then authorize at an event. There are usually out-of-town marshals visiting and they can make a quorum to authorize you.

My advice would be to talk to the Knight's Marshal at Deodar and go from there.


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i dont know how good i am so i dont know when this will happen for me however i do have a question about it

i live in dubuque Iowa its a provererbial sca dead zone no group covers it but  there is like 3 that are within about a hour of it

Shire of Deodar

Shire of Shadowdale

are the 2 on Iowa side now my question is i was talking to half troll and found out that i cannot be authorized by my shire it has to be a different one   so could shadow dale authorize me?

and since im in the deadzone am i actually under 1 shire or do i count as under 2? or is it just my pick?