Greetings all!

I've done just a quick search on the Calontir page, as well is in Stefan's
Florilegium, but I was wondering if there were any other 'cheat sheets', if
you will, of event checklists for event stewards?

Some questions include:
Is the insurance for general liability activated when one sends in an
equestrian insurance request, or should there be 2 requests sent in (and
should they be sent in separately)?

What are the most common crew chief positions? (This question is asked as a
way to double-check that nothing has been forgotten, such as port-a-pottie
patrol & the like.)

And others. So - do you have a 'cheat sheet' for yourself? Is there one
online that you've found helpful? Many thanks for your answers!

In Service,

THL Eowyth ža Sišend