Right - I get that (as an equestrian marshal who has run multiple equestrian events, believe me - I know...)

However, it's not very clear from any of the paperwork whether or not a request form should be sent in for the _general liability_ insurance or not. Per the Society's Seneschal handbook, it would seem that a request for _general_ insurance is not needed.
However, the "explanation" on the Society Insurance page seems to indicate that it IS needed.

Is the insurance activated when the event is approved by the Reeve? Is the insurance just a 24/365 policy? Is there something that needs to be done for the regular general liability insurance...

So basically - as a regular event steward, have you ever sent in a general liability (NOT NAMING an additional insured) insurance request in?

If not, great! Answers my question. ;-)

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Site insurance and equestrian insurance are two different animals.  Eq insurance is supplemental insurance that only covers liability from equestrian activities.  You need both to have an event with horses at it.


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Greetings all!


I've done just a quick search on the Calontir page, as well is in Stefan's Florilegium, but I was wondering if there were any other 'cheat sheets', if you will, of event checklists for event stewards?

Some questions include:
Is the insurance for general liability activated when one sends in an equestrian insurance request, or should there be 2 requests sent in (and should they be sent in separately)?
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