Each evening there will be a Revel in Town Hall. Join us in music, dancing,
and tales of the glories of the day! Please check the web site for full
information…here are just a few details.****

Wednesday evening: BYOB to Town Hall. Come down town and BYOB! Watch out
Outlands, we might just break into song around the fire!****

Thursday evening: Come as You Used to Be. Look deep into your closet...
what is your oldest set of garb? Come as who you WERE when you wore that

Friday Evening: Middle Eastern Extravaganza. Treats, drinks and great
music. All dancers are encouraged to bring a rug to pad the ground.  ****

Saturday Evening: Golden Azure Ball hosted by the Kingdom of Atenveldt.
Please dig in your closet for some Blue and Yellow garb. Fellowship and
refreshments while watching the Torchlight Tournament.**

Sunday Evening: Medieval Wagon Tailgate Revel. BYOB and potluck! Clean out
your coolers to share with all your friends new and old!****

*Reminders – Deadlines Approaching!*

If your group has more than 4 tents or pavilions larger than 15’ x 15’
please have your Land Coordinator contact *THL Beatrice De Craie, the
Battlemoor Land Allocation Coordinator**   *[log in to unmask]* **Please
get in touch with her by **July 25th!*

ACCEPS pre-registration closes *August 7th*. Register now! You can also
pre-register by mail. Please see the web site for details.****

For those bringing RVs and wishing to have black/grey water pumping
service, you must contact THL Beibinn Inghean Seiblein
[log in to unmask] by *August 16th*.****

Please visit the web site to see all the wonderful activities that are
planned!!**** <>****

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Join us on FaceBook!********

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Looking forward to seeing you there!****


*please forward as appropriate