Do you hear the drums of war?
They are calling us from The East.
They beckon us to the Lands of Aethelmearc.
They demand our presence at Pennsic War.
Will you march with the army as Count Semjaka leads them into battle?
Will you stand with the Calontir Archers as they let loose arrow, knife, ax, and spear?
Will you watch the dust settle as the Calontir Shoppers leave the merchants quaking in their booths?
Will you sing with the Kingdom as we host the Known World?
Will you pay homage with the Kingdom as the Calontir Wren forms the shield wall once more?
Time draws near, and preparations are being made.
If you plan to join the Falcon Host at Pennsic War, preregistered or not, we ask that you do these two things. 
-       -  First, send Mistress Belanna, Calontir’s Land Agent, your camping information.  This includes your name, when you are arriving, and how big your tent is.  She can be reached at [log in to unmask]
-        - Second, sign the digital muster page.  Master Rhodri is once again organizing the site and he needs your information.  Please go to or see him at Coronation (preferably in the afternoon).
I hear the drums of war, do you?