Hi, Masako.

We are delighted in your interest in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and happy to help spark that interest for the youngsters in the art camp.

We will have 4 to 8 people there for the 11:30 presentation.   When I stopped by, you showed me a room we could use for preparation? We'd like to gather there to do last minute preparations -- some of us will need to change clothes/gear both before and afterwards.

I'm familiar with the east entrance from the parking lot between the church and the city library.  Does that entrance work best?  One of us will also need an accessible entrance -- is it accessible as well? 
My cell # is 402-440-2350.  Feel free to call.
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Hello Opal,

We are so excited to have your group come on July 17!  Could you let me know when is your arrival time (I didn’t know if you had people who want to be for 11 or just do a presentation at 11:30)?    I so appreciate you for getting people together.   If you have any questions, please call me (402-304-7025) .  Many thanks for all your effort!



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Hello, Mag Mor folk.

We've had a request for a demonstration of SCA activities on Wednesday, July 17th. An SCA demo fits well with Westminster Presbyterian's medieval theme art camp, "Kingdom Quest."  Some of you heard about this at Their Excellencies' "Thank You" party last Wednesday where I was feeling out whether there would be enough people able to participate. 

Now I'm looking for firm commitments.  I know it is often difficult for people to get time off from work to do daytime demos, but we don't need a huge number of participants.  Perhaps the mid-day timing will make this one more feasible.  I think Volkmar and I will be able to be there.  It would be great to have one more fighter and maybe a couple more "others."

Here are the basic details again:

Please let me know if you can help out. If you can participate, think about items that can be handed around for "show & tell" kinds of stuff.

--  Isadora