Sure thing

there are a lot of considerations to copyright law,  I just listed a 
couple points....

any thanks really should go to my college Professor from an Art 
Business Course , back around 2007 or 08...

A really talented medical Illustrator named Bill Westwood.

Occasionally, the local NPR station features a call in discussion 
group about Copyright and patent law, featuring Bill, another 
Illustrator, and a Copyright lawyer...

the show always has overwhelming response.

(plus I had to memorize/learn a lot to do well in that course)

Bill was a real good teacher.

of Course, this stuff is always in flux with constant attacks against 
our rights (and ability to make a living from our work) by things 
like the repetitive attempts to pass the orphan works law

Knowledge is potential power.....   Knowledge + action is power....


At 01:51 PM 7/30/2013, you wrote:
>thanks for this very useful and clear summary! lav
>On 7/30/2013 10:31 AM, Stephen DiCerbo wrote:
>>There are a lot of assumptions about copyrights, mostly erroneous
>>the  best approach is through knowledge..

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