I am dealing with digital stippling considerations in the upcoming 
installment of the Journal's "ripped from the list"  column.

Its becoming part column, part article

The techniques for creating stipples in Photoshop and Illustrator was 
in the Archives, but needed some updating to current software considerations.

Many of use still stipple manually, then scan into digital, another 
aspect of digital stippling.    As Gayle suggested, it seems 
appropriate to include this with the article.

Why many people depise stippling with Ink. I enjoy it , and would 
have more of a tendency to want to learn more about others techniques 
for maintain dot integrity through the digitizing process.

Send me anything have experienced or developed in regards to this, 
and I will include it...

the bad news is that I am way past publishing deadlines right now, 
and only have a couple days to finish it up.

thanks for your offer to share, btw


At 11:48 AM 7/29/2013, you wrote:
>I look forward to the article. Let me know if the authors would like 
>any feedback from my experimentation.
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