Hmm, I'm not finding the "don't delete this folder" option either.  It
doesn't do it on my workstation, but it does delete them on my macs.  You
can always prevent deletion by simply moving or copying the folder to
another location on your hard drive not overseen by Dropbox.

I haven't unlinked a computer from dropbox in the last two years, but I
believe it gives you an option to keep the files on your hard drive as well.

Dropbox uploads every file you have in the dropbox folder on your machine
(that is, the one assigned to dropbox-- macs have another folder called
drop box which is unrelated) to its servers, where you have dedicated
storage space. When you change the file on your machine, it uploads the new
version to its servers, so it always has the most up-to-date files.  This
means that there are always 2 copies of the file or folder: one on your
machine, one on the Dropbox Servers.

If you stop syncing a folder, it still lives on in the dropbox servers.  If
you delete the folder or move it out of the dropbox folder on your machine,
it's deleted from the dropbox servers. Therefore, if you simply tell it to
stop syncing, the dropbox servers will have a folder in them that is not
being updated from your computers anymore, but you can always get it back.
It doesn't really make sense to do this unless you're uploading to dropbox
for long term cold-storage of files you don't really access.

You can also always access your files via dropbox's web interface, and
browse and download them directly as needed.

On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 6:04 PM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Hi Cameron and thank you for the clarification.
> Dropbox never removes files from your computer unless you tell it to stop
> syncing, at which point they will be deleted from your hard drive, only
> living online (this can be changed in the settings so that you keep a
> folder even after you stop syncing it).
> I'm looking for this feature right now in my Account Settings. I can't
> find any such choice.
> If you quit the Dropbox service, does that constitute "tell it to stop
> syncing"...." at which point they will be deleted from your hard drive".
> HUH?
> I'm reading up on syncing now. There are a couple of types, apparently.
> One is when you upload a file, another is syncing files between computers.
> and Selective Sync a feature that allows you to select only the folders you
> want to be synced. I'll keep reading.....
> Also, if you stop syncing a folder and don't have the settings keep a copy
> on your computer, and then you want the folder back, you may have to wait
> to let it download again.
> Cameron
> Wait..for what? DB still has the files somewhere?
> Thanks for helping my learning curve.
> It is a red flag to me to hear that there is a choice I should know about.
> Then, if I don't attend to it, I could lose files from my computer.
> Reading on now....
> Super thanks,
> Linda
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