Amelia Janes
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Hey Brit,

Here's my notes after out talk last night about the traveling exhibit. 
Easy to think of grand ideas, but first thing first, I will be more 
focused in getting the exhibit photographed.

Britt wants to showcase this exhibit and have it travel more, and bring 
in a  bit of revenue. Here's what we need to do:

1. Photograph with digital camera every piece, both framed and in the 

2. Organize digital images with the info provided (an internal document 
info notation perhaps, and a standard file naming convention).

3. Provide digital images and info for advertising on the GNSI website.

4. Write to artists to invite inclusion of their reproductions in the 
exhibit in order to update exhibit.

5. Provide a point of view for the exhibit, such as;
      a. create a chronology of Sci illustration that spans  a timeline. 
This would require filling in a gap of missing years--probably the last 
10 years or so to present.
      b. Create a point of view that could compare past techniques with 
modern techniques, once the exhibit has more up to date acquisitions.
      c. Create point of view that might compare and contrast subject 
matter in a informative way.

Perhaps advertising the exhibit as having a few possible points of view 
in how its hung, picking and choosing the material presented, can make 
for a fresh presentation in how its advertised on the web, keeping the 
exhibit more alive.

First things first, simply get it digitized more completely. These ideas 
above can direct the requests for new reproductions, and the multiple 
points of the view of the exhibit can come about later on if we choose 
to, or have the time to, use those ideas.

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