Hello again,

The company I am providing illustrations for is insisting on a 'work  
for hire' contract even though they have agreed that I can maintain  
ownership of individual drawings that make up the figures I provide  
them with, use the full figures for my portfolio/website, and for my  
personal educational purposes (I also teach on the same subjects), and  
that they won't re-sell the images or allow reuse by a third party.   
They have agreed to all of these things via email.  I asked them to  
send a contract with these terms clearly stated and they sent a  
standard work for hire contract with no language about any of these  

My questions are 1: Can including these terms in the contract actually  
give me these rights even though they seem to contradict what 'work  
for hire' typically means?

2: He says I have the emails for peace of mind, are the emails enough  
or should I keep pushing for the language to be written into the  

Thank you very much!  This is a steep learning curve for me,  
especially under time pressure!
Laura K. Jordan, PhD

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