I am of the same opinion. I am very discouraged that there are so many 
"opportunities" offered to artists....I think it follows the line of 
"internships", but in my mind are just ways to get a whole lot for very 

Looking forward to better times. lav

On 7/2/2013 8:45 AM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:
> I looked over the specs for this Pollinator Poster job and am 
> convinced it is not a fair deal for the illustrator. A complex 
> poster-size illustration, with the client getting all rights, for only 
> $1,000? Plus, the illustrator has to spend the time coming up with a 
> sketch with no guarantee of any compensation at all? I see that their 
> website doesn't even credit the 2012 illustrator for his work (though 
> it does credit the 2013 artist):
> (Steve Buchanan, if you're on this List, congratulations for your 
> lovely illustration on the 2012 poster. I found your name on the 
> poster by downloading information about it and zooming in).
> I am sympathetic to the budgetary woes of not-for-profit organizations 
> and I'm sure the Pollinator Partnership does good work. Nonetheless, 
> in my opinion they are not offering fair compensation to the 
> illustrator in this situation. Sometimes, there are ways organizations 
> can help make it more worth the illustrator's time when there is a low 
> budget, such as not expecting the illustrator to give up all rights to 
> the work. I'm not sure that would do the trick in this case, but it 
> would help.
> Alice, thanks for posting this announcement to the Listserv - I know 
> we all appreciate hearing about potential work, whether or not we 
> choose to pursue it.
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> On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 10:56 AM, Tangerini, Alice <[log in to unmask] 
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>     See the announcement below for a search for an artist to produce a
>     Pollinator Poster for The Pollinator Partnership.
>     *2014 “Native Orchids and Their Pollinators” Poster*
>     *Job Advertisement*
>     *The Pollinator Partnership is seeking an artist to render the
>     2014 “Native Orchids and Their Pollinators” poster.  A 1-page
>     narrative concept idea with a draft sketch sent to Jennifer Tsang
>     at [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> is due by Friday,
>     August 30, 2013. Final illustration is due by February 3, 2014.*
>     *Background*
>     The Pollinator Partnership (P2) is a non-profit 501(c)3
>     organization-- the largest organization in the world dedicated to
>     the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems.
>     Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals
>     that pollinate plants are responsible for bringing us one out of
>     every three bites of food. They also sustain our ecosystems and
>     produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce.
>     Unfortunately they are in trouble. Some species have seen a 90%
>     decline in their populations over the last decade.  Without the
>     actions of pollinators, agricultural economies, our food supply,
>     and surrounding landscapes would collapse.
>     *Our Solution for Sustainability*
>     Pollinator Partnership addresses issues of pollinator health and
>     decline using many resources and projects. We are dealing with a
>     complex issue that does not have a simple solution, but by
>     addressing each area where pollinators interface with people we
>     can make a significant impact in pollinator, ecosystem, and human
>     health.  One way we address this issue is through outreach and
>     education.
>     *Purpose*
>     Each year, the Pollinator Partnership, along with a wide range of
>     partners (including federal agencies, non-profits, for-profits,
>     individuals, etc.) design and distribute an educational pollinator
>     poster.  About 200,000 posters are distributed throughout the
>     United States each year. They are one of the most popular outreach
>     material items offered.
>     P2 is seeking an artist for the 2014 pollinator poster.  This
>     year, P2 is teaming with the North American Orchid Conservation
>     Center (, a coalition of
>     organizations dedicated to ensuring the survival of orchids native
>     to the U.S. and Canada. The theme of the 2014 pollinator poster is
>     native orchids and their pollinators.
>     *Use*
>     The posters are enjoyed and used in a wide variety of venues from
>     classrooms, fairs, conferences, and offices, to homes and
>     educational trainings.
>     *Poster Image - Vision*
>     The poster is aimed for a wide-audience, including adults and
>     children.  A scientific/naturalistic style is preferred.  The P2
>     staff will work with the artist on scientific accuracy and detail.
>     *Submittal Details*
>     If interested in submitting a poster concept idea for
>     consideration to render the 2014 “Native Orchid and Their
>     Pollinators” poster please submit the below information as one PDF
>     to Jennifer Tsang by 3PM PST on Friday, August 30, 2013:
>       * Contact information (name, email, physical mailing address)
>       * Background
>           o Resume, CV, past projects, etc.
>           o Max 2 pages
>       * Narrative about the poster concept
>           o Method used (digital, traditional, etc.)
>           o max. 1 page, Arial, size 12, single spaced
>       * Sketch of the proposed poster as digital art submitted as a
>         pdf, .eps., or .jpg. (300 ppi at 8.5 x11)
>     **
>     *Timeline*
>     Final poster image must be submitted to the Pollinator Partnership
>     no later than Monday, February 3, 2014.
>     *Poster Size*
>     There is flexibility with the size of the poster, but past posters
>     have ranged from 30 in x 12 in to 30 in x 32 in (including a
>     galley at the bottom of the poster for partner logos).  We suggest
>     using a standard poster size so that people may easily choose to
>     frame the poster.
>     *Compensation*
>     The Pollinator Partnership does not make any profit off of the
>     poster and distributes them for free (not including shipping and
>     handling).  P2 works to create the poster each year to help
>     educate the public about the importance of pollinators.  The
>     chosen artist will receive $1,000 upon completion of the artwork
>     and agreement and signature of contracted work for the 2014 poster.
>     *Legal*
>     The Pollinator Partnership will own the rights to the final
>     submitted digital artwork.
>     *Previous Pollinator Posters*
>     To view past pollinator posters, please visit
>     *Questions?*
>     Contact Jennifer Tsang at [log in to unmask]
>     <mailto:[log in to unmask]> or 415.362.1137 <tel:415.362.1137>
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