Trudy does a lot with Graphite on Scraperboard. I'm more a clean line
person too but don't do much with scraperboard anymore, mostly
etchingThere's a few photos on
Instagram. [1]The one with the
opera house in the background is real. That was the view from the
seminar room!We'll post some photos later. Off to the markets

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Congratulations, Geoff! It sounds absolutely fantastic! What a great,
great evening! Rest well! 
Yes! I ground down the bad #2points with a whetstone. Then threw them
out as too much work! I don't do much stippling, didn't do it too well
with the #2 blades anyways, always made a little triangle, instead of
a dot. But nowadays there are so many new tools out that scratchboard
artists use. Wire brushes that make a grayscale drawing. I was
brought up with a clean black and white incised line as the preferred
technique, but now with scanning, the grayscale technique has hit the
market like a rocket! And also coloration on scratchboard.  I'm still
old school with clean lines, but recently completed a graphite on
Claybord that I'm very pleased with. I didn't scratch in grayscale,
but the used the graphite and smudged it along with hard lines, then
scraped the white areas. I was very pleased with the look. I'll try
that again.
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On Jul 26, 2013, at 7:16 AM, Geoff Thompson wrote:
Hi Linda,                  Thanks, It's good to know it
wasn't only me. I have older ones myself. These new ones came up well
after I sharpened them with 1200 and then 2000 grade wet and dry
sandpaper. I can't do my reverse stippling technique with the Exacto
blades. Those are great for Trudy's cross hatching style though.The
Artbar was an amazing success. There were all these young people
spending ages doing careful drawings with the Camera Lucida App. I
think because it was an app it sucked them in but they were so patient
and hard working on their drawings. Gary had wonderful little stands
made. The paper has to be off centre to line up with the camera. The
floral dissections guided by a botanist went off in a big way too.
Caroline, my wife and Alison my niece helped a lot. We just got the
ferry home straight from Circular Quay to the end of our street and
I'm unwinding over a sandwich just after midnight. There was no time
for food earlier. We're exhausted but so pleased it went so


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