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Most of the photographers I know, including professionals, are fed up with Adobe and their new subscription pricing.† Most have upgraded to the latest CS6 and ACR and are determined to stay there, updating their raw image converters with other software as the need arises.† There are several other very good converters for raw digital images on the market that will still be updating their programs as new cameras/sensors/software becomes available.† For those of you who do a lot of photography, DxO is probably one of the better products, as is Aperture if you use Apple products.† Sooner or later another company will produce a product to compete with Adobe's Photoshop.† I'm hoping Apple will produce a PC version of Aperture and upgrade it to CS6 abilities.† I'm not holding my breath on that score, however.† There are other Pshop-like programs that many are currently trying to get completely away from Adobe as soon as they can.† Corel makes a program that looks promising, though I can't remember the specific name.

Kathleen, if you're a photographer I would recommend you upgrade to CS6 before quitting.† The ACR program in CS6 is a significant improvement over CS5 and there are other aspects to the upgrade that are useful in certain situations, like straightening out the curved surfaces produced by very wide angle lenses.† If you're not a photographer these probably won't be of much use over what's available in CS5.

Adobe currently has an $11 a month purchase price for just Photoshop CC.† I'm not yet certain what that monthly charge will be a year from now.† Too, I'm wondering what happens if you download Pshop CC and then decide not to continue buying CC the next year.† Does one retain the tools of the first CC edition and the rights to use it?† There are some useful changes in the CC edition, again mostly useful to photographers, but I'm suspicious about getting involved in subscription system that might end when you stop paying subscriptions.


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I donít like the subscription idea. Does anyone have a photoshop alternative that they like?


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