I agree.  

Steve is responsible for several of the posters on that review page. I assume he is doing it because he loves the cause. I don't think it is in anyway fair compensation otherwise.

If they were to limit the use to the poster, and the artist retain all other rights, it might be a little better.  I assume it will not change until the selected artist says they will not complete the project on the terms proposed, and the organization is interested in asking "why?".

Britt Griswold

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I am of the same opinion. I am very discouraged that there are so many 
"opportunities" offered to artists....I think it follows the line of 
"internships", but in my mind are just ways to get a whole lot for very 

Looking forward to better times. lav

On 7/2/2013 8:45 AM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:
> I looked over the specs for this Pollinator Poster job and am 
> convinced it is not a fair deal for the illustrator. A complex 
> poster-size illustration, with the client getting all rights, for only 
> $1,000? Plus, the illustrator has to spend the time coming up with a 
> sketch with no guarantee of any compensation at all? I see that their 
> website doesn't even credit the 2012 illustrator for his work (though 
> it does credit the 2013 artist):
> (Steve Buchanan, if you're on this List, congratulations for your 
> lovely illustration on the 2012 poster. I found your name on the 
> poster by downloading information about it and zooming in).
> I am sympathetic to the budgetary woes of not-for-profit organizations 
> and I'm sure the Pollinator Partnership does good work. Nonetheless, 
> in my opinion they are not offering fair compensation to the 
> illustrator in this situation. Sometimes, there are ways organizations 
> can help make it more worth the illustrator's time when there is a low 
> budget, such as not expecting the illustrator to give up all rights to 
> the work. I'm not sure that would do the trick in this case, but it 
> would help.
> Alice, thanks for posting this announcement to the Listserv - I know 
> we all appreciate hearing about potential work, whether or not we 
> choose to pursue it.
> ---
> *Emily S. Damstra*

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