I'm at the GNSI conference here in Bar Harbor. But I thought your question is worth a quick diversion from dinner (We are at Stewman's on the dock here in Bar Harbor proper).  I agree with you that that the prices seem low.  I have heard from others that the prices paid for illustration have not risen in years, this is a true phenomena it appears. I think the market has changed a lot with the advent to the internet and the mass collections of images. Hopefully the process of getting new art and reuse has also improved in efficiency to make up for the stagnate pricing (I don't think it has really, but that is the hope). I do think she maybe in a little better bargaining position if the art is custom to the book. But remember this is a run of only 3000 books, so there is a limit on what she can expect.  She should make sure she is paid enough for the time she spends on getting the process done. 

Britt Griswold

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I'm rather surprised at the quoted rates.  I'm not being a crank, but I was
paid $175 for a photo of a mimosa flower to be used in a biology
text.....25 years ago.  If the prices haven't changed in that time period,
I'm wondering how anyone makes a living at this anymore.  That's a serious
question, and I repeat:  I'm not being a crank.


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> As a rough estimate, I looked up the use of an illustration, interior
> textbook, for use in Hong Kong on the Getty Image site. Interestingly Korea
> was not even on the list of Country choices...
> First edition use was $290, subsequent Edition use was $180.
> Corbis gave a flat $175 for textbook inside, 1/2 page image. They did have
> South Korea on their pick list.
> As you can see they are not asking for large amounts.  I think you may
> want to ask at that level at least. Send them a contract (digitally) and
> have them sign it and return it digitally, and have them put the money in
> your Paypal account before you send them the permission.
> Britt Griswold
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