I tend to consider everything - research, time talking to client, overhead, etc. - in the fee I quote per illustration. Except for travel.
I would be curious to know if others bill extra for phone calls.

You are wise to plan to do your own research; materials supplied by clients are rarely sufficient, in my experience. On the other hand, your client might have access to material you do not, so it might be important to have your client supply reference material.
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1. Is subject research time considered a separate, billable (hourly) expense? Or is it wound up in the price per artwork? With roughly 150 illustrations, even if I am supplied research materials by the Client, I know I'll want to do my own on top, and there's a lot to study.

2. Same question for phone meetings. I've got in-person meetings lumped into a per diem rate, because that would entail half a day of travel and other expenses to see the Client in another state, but phone call time is one of those things that could be very little, or very lengthy, depending on how things were going.


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