Emily and Natalya:
It's extremely rare for clients to acknowledge and pay for research. So I work those hours into my overall illustration fee. Clients do supply references but I take that with a grain of salt. They are often not as keen on research as I am, and their idea of research is to grab a few thumbnails off the web. If they are responsible for supplying references, I stipulate that they are responsible for obtaining any permissions to use that photo for a derivative work. If I supply the research. I am responsible for that and I do that on my own, without them knowing, or caring. But I care. Especially if it's a specific behavior that is not commonly documented. Granted, Emily is right, the client often has references that are not otherwise available. 

I work the cost of telephone conference calls into the general "Meetings" category. It's a guess, regardless. 
I only have one client who pays by the hour. The rest are a not-to-exceed figure, and I'm locked in to that amount. One has to develop skills to be time efficient. There is no way to bill for extra phone calls. 
Travel is separate as a reimbursable item. 


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On Jul 16, 2013, at 8:51 AM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:

I tend to consider everything - research, time talking to client, overhead, etc. - in the fee I quote per illustration. Except for travel.
I would be curious to know if others bill extra for phone calls.

You are wise to plan to do your own research; materials supplied by clients are rarely sufficient, in my experience. On the other hand, your client might have access to material you do not, so it might be important to have your client supply reference material.
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