HI Linda
Dropbox actually stores all your files on your harddrive as well as making a copy on the dropbox server. This allows you to work offline if you have no connection. Once you have a connection it will automatically sync between your files on your computer and on the dropbox server.

To get an idea if your files are actually up on, log into and look at it through a browser. That way you will know for sure whether they have actually been copied up online or not. Depending on your internet connection and the size of the file it may take a while for the files to copy up there. Sometimes I leave my computer on overnight to make sure things get totally synced.

Hope this helps! :)


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Hi All:
I have the free 2GB service from Dropbox.

Recently I uploaded some WIP files to my Photos folder, in order to have some sort of backup during a thunderstorm. My regular backup drives are still off site.

It took a long while to upload. BUT, when I realized that I had not "copied" the files, but "moved" the files to DropBox, I wanted them back.
I dragged them back, and they came back INSTANTLY. No dowload time. I went to the instructions, to see if they were just aliases, or something. Couldn't really find an answer.

The files are back on my hard drive, functional. But: Why does it take no time at all to bring them back. Scary. Sounds like something is wrong.

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