Hi Linda,                 I use Dropbox and it has been good.
I use it on Windows but am reasonably familiar with Macs. I right
click and Ctrl + "c" to copy on Windows or Cmd +"c" on a Mac then the
same with v to paste into the Dropbox folder. Sometimes you have to do
up a folder in the Dropbox folder to see what's happening i.e. the
little blue uploading arrows or the green ones for files actually up
there. That's a problem with Windows rather than Dropbox.I just got 50
free GB when I connected my new smart phone. It's been good while in
Sydney to have access to a lot of extra files while preparing for the
Art-bar at Museum of Contemporary Art here Friday night.Cheers,Geoff

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Hi Karen, 
yes, I realize downloads are sometimes faster, but an hours upload and
instantaneous download? That's what made me curious.
I no longer want my files on Dropbox, I wanted a safe place off site
to temporarily put them. I'm going to go get my backup drives in a few
I've been hearing a lot about carbonite..  I mainly use DropBox to
send my clients links that they can download for files too big for
email. They cannot put any software on their computers, so they need
an online link. Even [1] is blocked, sometimes. Weird.
Thanks so much! 
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On Jul 23, 2013, at 9:08 AM, Karen Ackoff wrote:
Download times are generally faster than upload times. Check to see
what your Internet provider uses. 
Do be careful with DropBox. When you "copy" a file from Dropbox to
your hard drive, it moves it, removing it from Dropbox. This seems
counter intuitive but it's the way Dropbox works. 

For archiving, there are better services such as carbonite. Albeit,
there are charges. Some may offer a certain amount of free space. 
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