Hello all,

I just started a crowdfunding project at

There are two goals to the project:

1) Build an interactive online Lucid identification key to the subfamilies
of Staphylinidae (Coleoptera, rove beetles and their relatives) occurring
in North America. It'll be put on Lucid Central ( for
everyone to use when it's finished.

2) Use this as a proof-of-concept example to convince budding taxonomists
to build and share Lucid identification keys over their taxa of choice.
(This is the most important part to me.)

As per the crowdfinding standard if you pledge any money, you won't be
charged 1) unless I meet my goal, and 2) until the end of the campaign, in
this case 29 July.

The money goes to fund a trip to visit Margaret Thayer and Alfred Newton at
the Field Museum in Chicago. More importantly it legitimizes the research
and encourages undergrads and beginning grad-students to get active, etc.,
etc. (You get the idea.)

Feel free to pass this around to anyone who might be interested.


Michael Ferro