Many thanks to everyone who's pledged to my Microryza project. Not too late if you haven't. 

I wanted to give you an introduction to the rove beetles, so I made and posted a free poster on Staphylinidae of North America at (under Lab Notes) (pdf, 20 x 30 inches). 

The compilation helps show the enormous variety possessed by the group. 

The poster gives one example of each of the 26 subfamilies found in North America along with approximate numbers of species in North America and the world. Here at Louisiana State Arthropod Museum (LSAM) we have specimens of species from all but four subfamilies. For those missing four I used illustrations from the literature or photos from the web. When we visit Chicago I'll get photos of the missing beasts and update the poster. 

Each photograph is actually a compilation of between 10 and 40 original photographs. Only a thin plain of each original photograph is in focus. We have a computer program that "melts" the original photos together and only leaves the parts that are in focus. Each un-credited photo was taken by yours truly and each requires anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to take and edit.  

These images will be used in the Lucid Key to provide examples of beasts, or show important characters (for example, giant eyes in Megalopsidiinae and Steninae). 

Feel free to pass the poster around. 

Remember, these are wild animals and they could be loose in your backyard!