Evening all,

Standard apology if you receive this multiple times. Actually, not really.
If you read it multiple times you may start thinking you can help.


The Shire of Deodar event is September 21. It is a camping event (which
means start Friday, September 20: Day into Night: Reasons to look at the
dark side.


We would like to offer a variety of classes, both during the day and into
evening. Any topic of interest is welcome. Especially desired are classes
about the middle ages at night!  Topics could include astromony, lighting,
activities in the evening, leisure activities and games. Also to consider,
as days get shorter and people prepare for winter what would they do? Food
preservation, brewing and wine making. 


Questions, ideas and / or offers to teach may be directed to me: esther1

Or to Deodar's A & S minister, Safiyah of Deodar: moas (at)


In Service,