I apologize to those who will see this missive many times.

For those are who are coming to Cross & Compass this weekend in Charles City, Iowa. the Messiah's Food Pantry in Charles City gives out food  600 to 800 people each month.  Last week they ran out of food.  To help them out I am organizing a food drive and will be collecting food donations at C&C this weekend.  What do they did you ask?  The answer is ANY non-perishable goods.  Canned food,  pasta, baby food, canned fruit, etc.  No fresh foods or food past their expiration date please.  I will have a collection area at the Inn.  

I have a goal/dream.  I would love to see the weight of the food collected to be equal or be more than the weight of His Majesty in FULL armor.

Feel free to post this to other lists.  

Thank You

Lady Juliana Macnayre