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> Johann, I have a question!
> What if you're new at the herald thing but want to help?
> ~Melisende de la Roche de Lionne

I'm not Johann, but perhaps these files in the HERALDRY section of the Florilegium might be of use?  I'm not sure if the event is needing tournament heralds or the ones to give announcements around the site, so I'm including files for both types of voice heraldry.

F-Hldry-Trnmt-art (12K) 1/12/03 "Field Herald's Litany for Tournaments" by H.L. Alden Pharamond.

Field-Herldry-art (48K) 6/ 9/02 "Field Heraldry" by H.L. Alden Pharamond.

List-Heraldry-art (8K) 2/20/09 "List Heraldry" by Lord Ivo Blackhawk.

Road-Heraldry-art (27K) 7/21/13 "Advanced Road Heraldry for Beginners" by Lord Ivo Blackhawk. An outline for a class on announcement heraldry at SCA events.

Voice-Herldry-art (8K) 1/16/07 "How to be a Voice Herald in 42 easy steps!" by Lady Eleanor Cleavely.

voice-herldry-msg (5K) 4/28/05 "Voice" heraldry in period and the SCA.

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