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> Whether for camp cries or list heraldry, I will do my best to partner up newbie heralds with seasoned veterans.  This being a new campsite for Valor, it'll be a learning experience all around as we learn the best pattern for camp announcements.

I know that here in Ansteorra we've often been dropping much of the camp cries due to lack of available heralds, so additional help is often needed. It can be a good place for a person new to voice heraldry to start. You will be given the rough outlines of what to say, you can use notes and since you will be saying the same announcements in multiple places it gives you a chance to recover later for any goofs and you can try different ways to say the same thing in different encampments or areas.
> Also, I'd like to thank The Honorable Lord Stefan(I hope I got that right?)

You did. Thank you. I guess you could make it easier on yourselves by writing the Ansteorra Royalty and suggesting they shorten my title to "Master Stefan". :-) :-)

> for his posting of Florilegium files,

You even got "Florilegium" correct, which seems to be a challenge for many people. :-) However, I did feel it would be a challenge to remember and spell when I chose it, but figured people could/would bookmark it. I never expected the SCA chronicler to say I couldn't put a link to the site in my monthly article if I wanted to publish it in an SCA newsletter. :-(

> some of them written by my good friend Lord Ivo Blackhawk, an exceptional herald in his own right.  A veritable treasure trove of info for voice heralds, if I may say so!

Thank you. One of those by Lord Ivo is brand-new:
Road-Heraldry-art (27K) 7/21/13 "Advanced Road Heraldry for Beginners" by Lord Ivo Blackhawk. An outline for a class on announcement heraldry at SCA events.

An outline, but still fairly long and comprehensive. I've never heard the term "road heraldry" before. When I first saw the article title I thought maybe the article was teaching heraldry by using road sign examples or something. :-)

> -Johann

Again, I'm always interested in considering new articles for the Florilegium on almost any SCA or medieval subject.

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