Greetings Calontiri!  I would like to announce that I will once again be be sponsoring a Childrens A&S show and tell at Cattle Raids. I was so impressed with the scope of projects our children showed las year!  
 The "theme" will be Anything Period Inspired. 
This means anything that your child has made with a period feel.  We are not looking for period technique or materials. Have they made a catapult from a kit?  Have they sewn a felt pouch?  Made a paper model of an artifact by Da Vinci?  Even drawn crayon art of a castle or a Knight?  Bring them to Cattle Raids and show them off!  Each child will have time with an "audience", not judges.  Time to tell about their project and how they made it.  Every entrant will recieve a prize.
  This will be an opportunity for the children of the Kingdom to discover the fun of A&S, without the pressure of documentation or judging.  Let them get hooked on A&S early, and allow them to grow into it.  The target age for this is 12 and under, but any child that wants to take part will be welcome.  I look forward to seeing what they have been working.
Please forward to any appropriate lists.
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In Service,
Seraphina Brugari
Baroness of Mag Mor