For those who are considering entering in Queen's Prize but are not sure about who to ask to sponsor, here is a list of wonderful folks who would be happy to be your sponsor!

Jaida de Leon
Maerwynn Holme
Semjaka (Mark Krejci)
Ceara (Nicole James)
Elynor of Glastonbury (Elizabeth Glueck Pratt)
(December Montecino)
Sethrun (Jeff Angus)
Aislinn (Kim Karr)
Isabeau De Beauxyeux
Sancha Lestrange
Cathus (Keith Roberts)
Dammo Utwiler
BelAnna DeRouge
Halvgrimr Stormtossed (Robert Schuster)

Sponsors who are now all full up and can't take any more sponsors:


Please note that this is only meant to be an additional resource to help those wishing to be entrants but who are unsure who to ask, but this is not an exhaustive list. 

Happy projecting!!!

Quiteria la Roja

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